Liger Biggest Traits

First of all ligers are enormous and huge. No other cat species even weigh nears them. They can grow as big as 1600 pounds in size. This creates their first biggest trait which dominates all the cats and panthers around the world.

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Liger weighs more than 1600 Pounds.
Ligers are capable of growing 1600 Pounds. This picture is displayed with the permission of its owner  

Secondly, among the carnivores family ligers are also the biggest animals in the world. Bears are classified as omnivores, therefore, they are not categorized with ligers in this aspect. Ligers have the ability to consume more than 100 pounds in a single meal.

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Ligers are the Biggest Carnivores in the World.
Ligers are also the biggest carnivores mammals in the world. They can eat more than 100 Pounds in a single Sitting. No other animal is capable of eating that much in a single sitting. This picture belongs to 

Third, ligers are also the longest carnivores in the world. They are as long as 13 feet in length. Tigers are also very long but they are not as long as the ligers. Perhaps ligers would have inherited this longitudnal trait for its mother the tigress.

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Ligers are the Longest Carnivores Mammals.
Being 13 feet long, ligers are also considered as the longest carnivores mammals on earth. This picture belongs to 

Ligers are one of the fastest runners in the world (After Cheetah). Tigers are supposed to gain a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. However, ligers usually run at 80 kilometers per hour and even a 90 kilometers per hour liger is also recorded as well. Their huge body helps to run this much faster. Despite being so huge, they still manage to speed up at very fast rates.

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Ligers are fastest after Cheetahs.
After Cheetah, Ligers are the fastest animals on earth. This picture belongs to  

Fifth ligers have very moderate and mild behavioral attributes as compared to the tigers and lions. Male lions become very violent when they grow older. Usually their trainer feed them from the outside, whenever, the lions grow much older. However, ligers remain very calm and peaceful.

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Ligers have Mild Personality.
Ligers are the only unique big cat which show a tolerant and mild behavior as compared to many other big cats. This picture belongs to