Twin Korean Ligers - Liger Chris & Liger Rapido

There are two ligers in South Korea. Their names are Chris and Rapido. They are the two twin Korean ligers who were born in 2006 in South Korea. They lived at Everland zoo in South Korea. Both the liger cubs were believed to be highly playful at the zoo and love to have meat meals after regular intervals. Both the twin ligers were the cross breed of Barney a male African lion and Troupette a female tiger. These ligers have gain a significant amount of popularity ever since their birth in South Korea.

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A Korean Liger Watching at Spectators
A Liger in Korean Zoo is Watching Spectators. 

According to the zoo officials people find it very interesting to experience the ligers. People love to know different features of these big cats and more people come to the zoo. Therefore, these ligers are the big attraction of the zoo. Moreover, zoo officials also claim that sometimes the lions and tigers share the same enclosure, and this is where the ligers are produced.

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A Korea Liger Resting at its enclosure.
A Korean Liger is Resting at its enclosure at an animal sanctuary located at Everland Zoo in Yongin City. The owner of the picture [Chizn] has given complete authorization to to display this picture on this website.  

The keeper of the ligers also said that despite having so much adventures for the ligers, lions and tigers with humans, they specifically belong to the wild and this is where they can be more happier, satisfied and most importantly more authoritative. In the captivities ligers are just like slaves are prisoners. But here it is very important to understand that ligers have never recorded in the wild in any encyclopedia or archived data. But it is true that their parents belong to the wild, and they should also belong there rather than living in a small square meters of area. In the wild lion and tigers have at least more than 40 kilometers of territorial area. As compared to that, the ligers are just living in few meters.

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Twin Korea Ligers at an Everland Zoo in South Korea
A picture of twin Korean ligers named as Rapido and Chris from South Korea located at Everland Zoo. This picture is specifically displayed with a permission of its 

According to latest reports as of February, 2011, there was only one liger left in the Everland zoo in South Korea. The second ligerwould have either died or would have moved to another area. However, if it would have died, there might would have been a definite news of its death on internet websites.

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Korean Ligers Sitting at Everland Zoo in South Korea
A snap of two ligers at an animal zoo in South Korea.  

Therefore, firmly believes that the other liger would have definitely been shifted to another place. There is also an equal opportunity that the other liger might would have died as well yet no information source confirms this statement.

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Ligers taking sunshine at Everland Zoo in South Korea.
Ligers taking sunshine in a Zoo in Korea.