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Ligers in the Wild

There is no doubt about it that currently, there are no ligers in the wild. All the ligers are in captivity and their numbers range from minimum 10 to maximum 100 ( in 2010, confirmed nearly 80 ligers existing in the world by that time). According to Dr. Antle, there is a one in a billion chance in the wild that a tiger and a lion can mate in the wild. Tigers and lions are naturally big enemies of one another. If they will meet face to face, they will try to kill each other, rather than seeking love among one another.

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Currently the Wild Ligers existence is very hard to develop, because only ligers we see in our daily lives are from the captivity. The Ligers live in local premises or at animal sanctuary or a zoo etc. This picture belongs to 

There is one place in the world, where the lions and tigers’ territories overlap. That place is in Dir India. It is believed that hundreds of years ago ligers used to live there. But there is hardly any evidence of these statements. No tracking and forensic evidence is even launched there as well. But the possibilities of ligers can not be rejected. Hybrids do occur in the natural environment. Ten percent of the animal hybrids occur in the wild where; 30 percent of the plant hybrids occur in the wild.

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Wild ligers can only be possible, if there are lions and tiger territories overlapping with one another. Once these territories will be overlapping, there will be a good chance of lion and tiger mating. This can result in the liger existence in the wild. This picture belongs to  

According to the recent documentary on National Geographic cross-breeding has been confirmed on abundance among the aquatic species specifically within the oceans that flow across the aquator. Each year a huge numbers of new species are born there. Therefore, if someone posits that ligers do not belong in the wild, or they may never exist in the wild, that is totally a wrong assumption. The possibility of the ligers just simply can not be ignored in the wild, if there is regulated population of the lions and tigers. But one thing is for sure that territory overlap should be considered as a core factor for assuming the lion tiger hybrids such as ligers and tigons.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Wild Liger and Cross Breeding in the Wild.

A Crossbreeding in the wild in between a male lion and female tiger can result in a liger. Cross breeding is very common in the wild. It is estimated that Cross Breeding in the wild is common in 10% of the animals and 30% of the plants. This picture belongs to  

Tigers were in so much abundance in the world, that they were spread across asia and Europe. But that was hundreds of years ago. Establishing or searching out such a fact as of existence of ligers was a highly perplexing activity. However, by now the tigers are less in numbers in the wild and their territories are much more wider than tigers, this gives a very rare chance for existence of the ligers in the wild.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Wild Liger is dependent on wild Lions and Wild Tigers.

Wild Ligers possibilities will always be dependent on the possibilities of the Wild Lions and Wild Tigers living together. Currently around the world, wild tigers are too much less and lions are only limited to few areas of Asia and Africa. Therefore, the existence of wild ligers is very hard to establish. This picture belongs to 

Ligers weigh around 900 to 1200 pounds. The question is whether in the history of big cats, was there any species which was that big. The answer is yes. American lions which are now extinct were around 1200 pounds. The saber toothed tigers also weighed around 1000 to 1200 pounds. For such big animals it becomes very difficult for them to exist in the wild for sure. This is some kind of forensic evidence which provides a glimpse of possibility of ligers in the wild over the history of the earth. But this evidence still deviates far from the reality of the ligers.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Wild Ligers are comparative with the Great American Lions.

Wild ligers are comparative with the Great American Lions who were as bigger as Ligers. So far they are to only big cats that resemble very closely to the ligers from their fossils. But the Great American Lions had distinguish and distinct genes as compared to the ligers. They were not the hybrids of any big cats. This picture belongs to  

As for the weights, wild ligers would have been weighed less. Lets assume around 800 pounds. Lions and tigers in the captivity have more weights as compared to the lions and tigers in the wild. The same can be assumed for the ligers as well. But this is just an assumption, because ligers have growth inhibiting genes, therefore, their growth may never stunt, and even wild ligers can gain weights more than 1000 pounds.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Ligers in the wild may weigh less than lions and tigers.

Ligers in the wild may weigh less as compared to the ligers in the captivity because in the wild you may never have always prey availability. In the wild animals grow by limitations and certain schedules.