Tiger Cubs - Growth Rate

Among all the big cats in the wild, tiger cubs experience fastest growth rate. Especially the Amur Tiger Cubs and Bengal Tigers. The growth of the tiger cubs over different time periods is specifically stated in the table 1 below. The tiger cubs are usually 1.8 pounds during the time of their birth or first week of their birth.

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White Tiger Cub Feeding on a milk by its trainer.
Picture of a white tiger cub being fed on a milk by its animal trainer.  

The weight the tiger cubs gain during the first 60 days can be nearly 10 pounds. After that the tiger cub usually gains a weight of nearly 35.2 pounds that will be around 120 days old.

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Tiger Cubs and their growth.
Percentage Growth Rate of the Tiger Cubs.  

Figure 1, shows the percentage changes along with the growth graphically. It indicates that the tiger cubs significantly grow during the first 60 days of their lifespan. However, their growth slightly reduced from 120 days span period of their life.

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Percentage weigh increase in liger cubs
Graph of Percentage Change of Growth of Tiger Cubs from day 1 to day 120. 

The growth of the tiger cubs was around 428 percent increase from on day 60. From Day 61 to day 120, the percentage growth of the tiger cubs was around 271% increase. This indicates that from day 8 to day 60, the tiger cubs grow much faster than any other growth periods during its lifespan.

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White Tiger Cub having Milk.
Picture of a white tiger cub being fed on milk by its owner. Tiger Cubs Growth rate is highest from day 61 to day 120 within their entire span of lifetime. This White Tiger Cub in the picture is around 30 to 40 pounds in Weight. 

After 4 Months The tiger Cubs Reach the weight of around 40 Pounds. This is the fastest recorded growth rate within Tiger Cubs.

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Tiger Cub 120 Days Old Weighs 30 to 40 pounds.
Picture of a Tiger Cub who is 120 Days Old. This Tiger Cub is around 30 to 40 pounds in terms of its weight. This picture belongs to  

Usually it is believed that the white tiger cubs and adult white tigers weigh much more than the golden tigers.

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White Tiger Cubs Weight.
White Tiger Cubs and White Tigers growth rate is much faster. This picture belongs to