Can Ligers Sustain their Body Pressure?

Many of the speculations about ligers state that a liger has so much weight on its body and his weaker legs are not strong enough to withstand that much heavier weight. This is absolutely wrong to conclude about ligers. Of course high weight and body pressure on the legs can be a concern. But ligers have huge bone structure which is naturally built according to its body requirements. Their legs are bigger and stronger, along with strong and long bones within their legs which can sustain all such kind of weight. Therefore; this factual evidence very much shrugs off the speculation that ligers cannot sustain their body pressure because of their heavier weight.

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A Liger can Sustain body Pressure.
Can Liger Sustain a Body Pressure. The Answer Apparently suggests a big yes. Because all the evidence so far about liger is just a rumor. This picture belongs to  

The bigger body structure also proves that ligers have a huge facial skeleton. They have bigger teeth, stronger and longer jaws and a huge head. Their facial skeleton is as big as the shoulders of a man. Their rib structure is also bigger as well. With all these evidences, it can be impossible to prove that ligers feel a lot of weight on their bodies. They even run faster about 60 miles per hour, and their body is made to adjust all this kind of a weight. This all suggests that it is not like that the ligers have only grown flesh over themselves, but rather they have grown up bones as well.

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Liger weight is big & Huge but liger is not sluggish.
A liger has a huge and big Weight. Big Weigh does not mean that Liger is sluggish, lazy and slow and it can not sustain body pressure at all. This picture belongs to 

Have a look at the pictures of Hercules the liger below along with China York. Look at the legs of the liger. They are longer than lions and tigers. The ribs of the liger are also bigger and even the length from its head to the tip of its tip is also bigger as compared to lion or even tiger. The key crux of this article is that, it is just a fallacy to say that ligers’ body do not withhold their weights. Their body structure is huge and this body structure is built to sustain a lot of weights which the animal possesses in the long run. Therefore; Ligers' body is fully sustainable and it can easily sustain its body weight.

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Liger has a Sustainable Body.
A Liger has a sustainable Body. Regardless of how big a Liger is, its hugeness and big weight does not mean that Liger can not sustain its body pressure or body weight. This picture belongs to