Ligers and their Trade

USA is a home to ligers and many other big cats. The Trade of the ligers in United States is on the rise as well. The same is true about many other big cats such as Lions and tigers. There are so much tigers in captivity at USA (about 20,000) than in the wild (only 3,400). Now ever since people have come to know about the ligers, the focus have shifted to cross-breed lion and tiger to make a big cat which is called liger. Since ligers are very rare, therefore; as a result of that they allow the traders to have more money as compared to lions and tigers.

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Liger Business on the rise in United States.
Liger Business is specifically on the rise from the past few couple of years. Photos Courtesy of 

Whenever; people hear about ligers, they are always captivated by the magical characteristics of ligers. As a result of that many people are tempted to buy them. When they buy them as a cub, initially it is very easier to take care of ligers. However; when they grow up, they realize it is not that easy. The big cats pose threat to the individuals. This can be estimated by the fact that on average about 10 people die in United States because of their big cat attacks. So the owners of these big cats, when they grow up consider to abandoning them. So how do they get abandoned? The luckiest of the ligers find a way at Animal sanctuaries, while the others end up being malnourished or get smuggled as well.

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Liger Cost and Trade.
The Cost of having a liger is much greater than cost of having other big cats.  

It is believed that many ligers and big cats are also smuggled to Mexico as well. So there are more trading parties involved here. When these animals are smuggled they are mostly sedated, and they are concealed within vehicles. In such a scenario a sedated animal is always under a threat of death as well. But a temptation to earn money, really allows individuals to be part of this liger trade.

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Liger Pics in a Cage.
A Liger resting in its cage. This picture is taken with a permission from its owner 

Liger, tiger, lions and other big cats\ trading is a million dollar trade in USA. Furthermore; in USA there are many states where it is legal to have big cats as pets in houses. So if you have money and you have an opportunity to have some unusual and exotic pet, then big cats are considered as a worthy option in this regard. In many garages and backyards of US houses, you have often witness a big cat as well.

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Ligers are Profitable.
Ligers are more profitable for the zoos and animal sanctuaries because of their gigantic appearances and relative rareness. 

According to some recent estimates, it is specifically concluded that in United States of America, the cost of a tiger cub is as low as 350 US Dollars. Tigers are allowed to be at homes in majority of the States in United States. Liger cubs because of them being so rare will be alot more expensive than tiger cubs. Therefore, we can assume and also confirm from such evidences that liger cubs will be much more expensive than a tiger cubs.

We may not be against this liger trade; but here we are totally against the phenomenon when a grown up liger doesn't end up well because of this trade. Only animal sanctuaries, where these animals can be properly cared should only have the permit to be part of this trade. If everyone will involve in this trade, then the possibilities of worst case scenarios because of this trade can be endless as well. So this job should only be within the hands of the responsible and dedicated individuals.

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Liger trade is very popular.
From the last couple of years the liger trade is much popular than ever before. People have started to focus it on from the profitability perspective. Photos Courtesy of 

For an example take into account Myrtle Beach Safari at South Carolina! They have ligers at their animal sanctuary for decades, and they take care of them in a best manner. Ligers are part of this animal sanctuary for at least 3 decades. All the ligers grew and ended up with a great perfection. They breed ligers to represent liger as a brand ambassador of big cats with an obvious motive for their conservation. They have an educational and research program for the ligers. They teach people about ligers.

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Liger a billion dollar business
Having ligers and other big cats is a billion dollar business in United States. Photos Courtesy of 

• The main emphasis of this whole article is that if one can’t keep a liger, tiger and lion over a longer period of time, please don’t purchase it just for a luxury.

• If you don’t have facilities, don’t purchase the liger, tiger or even a lion. These are huge responsibilities. Don’t make these animals suffer.

• This article still does not put any fingers on the trade of the liger, tigers and lions unless it comes to the animal abuse.

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Ligers and Cruelty.
Liger trade is also associated with liger cruelty as many people fail to fulfill the liger expenses. Photos Courtesy of